Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm still here

Seems like forever since I've written in here. I've been meaning to do it but just never got around to it. Jeff mentioned I should write in here again so this is for you :) Not that anyone really reads me but I can pretend.

At the moment I have the american music awards on in the background. I'm slowly losing interest as you can see I'm typing on here instead of watching. Fantasia, the winner of American Idol this year, was just singing a song from her new album. I didn't think it was very good, but what do I know about popular music. Though I do like Clay Aiken and Josh Groban. I have been thinking about getting a Josh Groban CD but I don't play the CD's I own now nearly enough to justify it.

So whats new with me? Not that much. I've been continuing to work on my thesis. Im getting closer though. I am almost done with my first two chapters and I have scheduled my thesis committee meeting for Dec 7. On tuesday I leave for my first national conference in my field which should be fun. I will be presenting a paper I wrote with a professor of mine. I hope to be able to find a little time to fit in some Disney while I'm there. LOL bet you can't guess where I'm going. When I get back its thanksgiving break and then two weeks later its the end of the semester, which is crazy. Break should be very nice, Jeff is coming down with me after christmas to stay with my grandma and my family. He's never been down there so Im excited about having him there and showing him everything.

Next semester should be fun. I will have some real classes compared to the independent studies I have this semester. Classes that don't have set deadlines can be dangerous. You can get way more work then you intended and you can end up having a lot to do at the last minute. It will be nice to be in a class again with some people. Maybe Ill meet some cool new people since all of my classes next semester are outside of my department. An after this semester I'm done, which is unbelievable. I will have my MS an everything will be good. I can't believe I am almost done. Though I am ready. I'm ready to be done with school and papers, to make some real money, and to move to be local with Jeff. Enough of long distance.

Well I think I've covered everything thats been happening so far. Well besides the mmorpg I play. Im currently deciding if I want to continue playing or not. I need a real hobby.

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Jeff the Baptist said...

I like it when you blog on this one because I can remember to read it. The other diary makes me jump through hoops so I never see it. So I'm reading my Amy.