Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hurray for good deals

To break the monotony of working on my computer doing thesis work and work for classes and then taking a break on the computer I decided to go to EB Games today after I was at campus. They had this promotion going where if you bought two used games you could get one free. I picked through their used ps1 games and tried to find three I liked. It seems like they have a million copies of a few games, and barely any of others. There were a lot of repeat names, but I had never heard of the games, so I guess I can't really say anything. Anyways, I ended up buying Sim City 2000 for $9.99, Spyro the Year of the Dragon for $5.99 and Crash Bandicoot Warped for free. I like free. I have played a few of the Sims games on the computer so I'm not expecting it to be that different. May be cool. I have the first Spyro game. I believe Jeff bought it for me way back when. Its a cute game and I love turning the sheep into lamb chops. I have never played Crash Bandicoot, but the name sounds familiar. I think Jeff had it as a demo or something and liked it. I am thinking one of the characters is a racoon or something, but who knows. So yea for good deals :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Back to reality

As Jeff wrote about in his blog we got engaged this weekend. He really got me good. I was expecting him on friday, but he showed up on my door step thursday night. It was a great surprise and we had a really great visit. Im sad that it ended, but unfortunately both of us have to get back to reality. For Jeff, back to work, and I have to meet my thesis deadline. Only a little more and I'm finally done.

But, back to our visit. It was nice just spending time together. Not even doing anything really exciting. Long distance sucks and I can't wait till that part of our relationship is over. I keep telling myself only two more visits and then we won't have any more painful goodbyes. Two more. I can handle that. So what did we do? We watched a lot of movies, had quality time together, I took him to some of my favorite restaurants around town, we bought cd's together at best buy and did some other random shopping, took turns talking to members of each others families, we cooked together, and just talked. An over all good visit.

I have been thinking about what I want to do with my free time recently. I had been playing an online mmorpg as I'm sure I mentioned. However, I'm bored with it and I don't intend to pay $15 every month for it. I had been looking for a new game to play or a new craft or something to take up. However, I think I'm going to focus on wedding planning, because we are getting married ;) Right now I don't know much at all about planning a wedding and it's kind of scary thinking about everything we will need to do. So I'm going to buy a few books and bridal magazines, read on the net and talk to some people an see if I can figure it all out. It shouldn't be too hard once I figure out the main things. I also like the fact that it will enable me to plan my own wedding, with Jeff of course, and not have to rely on anyone else telling me what I have to do. Though I'm sure I'll get some of that from family members, but oh well. That is life.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentines Day Gift

What should you give your valentine for valentines day? According to a psychotherapist you should give your valentine a kiss. It's actually pretty intereting though I think a little biased.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Honk if you think I'm cool

Thanks to A Small Victory and Jeff for aiding me in my search for other things to do besides work on my thesis. I have to admit that site is pretty fun to play with. What do you think of my designs?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Online job hunting

I don't know if its just me or the search engines I'm using, but its defintley interesting. I am signed up for eRecruiting through the University of Delaware and CareerBuilder after seeing their commercials a million times during the Super Bowl. LOL one successful commercial. I have only done a small amount of job searching through eRecruiting. However, when I did look I kept finding odd jobs that didn't fit. Like when I searched for children and research or research and psychology I would get pharmaceutical or computer programmer jobs. How does this fit??? This is also happening with CareerBuilder. I signed up last night in the middle of the Super Bowl. Yea, I'm a nerd, but anyways. I signed up last night and this morning I have already gotten two emails from two companies totally unrelated to anything in my field at all. I have a feeling its because I selected some option for companies outside of my field or companies that hire other people, like head hunters or temp agencies or something. I think after I do some more data entry I'm going to look around my preferences and see if I can figure out what I did sign up for so that my email box will not be stuffed with weird jobs that I would never apply for. LOL could you imagine me working at a company that deals with identity theft?

The last major crunch

Normally in this situation I would be freaking out a bit, though maybe I will as I get a bit closer. Anyways, I'm under a deadline once again. But this deadline is different. This deadline is the last major deadline that I will have in grad school - i.e. my thesis. I am just finishing entering in all the data into the computer. Hopefully I will be done with that by wednesday. Then on wednesday I will run my analysis with my advisor and then I have to have my results and discussion sections written along with all the revisions needed from my first comittee meeting by March 1st. Ouch. That gives me what? 3 weeks or so to do everything. I don't know why I'm not more nervous. Maybe because I know deep down that I will get it done one way or another. Everything always does. But after this major crunch I will have at least a draft or more of the entire thesis. After that its just lots of revisions and chart making and lots of time spent at kinkos. Yes, I still will have to crunch at the end to get my Grant Writing Proposal written but that class doesn't really matter much in the scheme of things. I'll do what I can, but I'm not going to bust ass trying to make it perfect like my thesis. My thesis is much more important. So in a way its a nice feeling. After I get past this hurdle I will only have a few smaller things to work on and then I will be done. I will be able to wear my cap and gown, get hooded, and finally graduate.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm not evil

How evil are you?

Aww, I wanted to be at least a little bit evil. LOL oh well :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Random observations

Recently I have observed some interesting things on campus. Yesterday morning on the bus to campus two people who did not know each other at all on the bus struck up a friendship because both of them had that new nintendo thingy. I have no idea what the name of it is, but its the small one that just came out that sorta looks like a game boy. They sent each other their game data, an for the short time they were on the bus they played together. I had no idea they were that popular. I guess I am out of the technology loop.

This afternoon I got to class a little early. When I came in this one girl was talking about some surgery she had and swelling. I was like huh?? Turns out she was talking about how she had lyposuction on many parts of her body after she had her son (she's around my age) and is really thinking about going back for more. She was all gung ho about lyposuction and was trying to convince this other girl in my class to get it too. Then all of a sudden another girl in my class said she had had it before an what a great thing it is. Meanwhile, my professor is listening an shaking her head with many of my classmates thinking what is wrong with you people.

Speaking of my professor, I have to quote something she said today. She cracks me up. We were talking about make believe characters in the media today to use for play therapy toys. One person brought up Sponge Bob. That brought up the whole news story going around about that guy thinking that he is gay. Then this other guy in my class said that the guy accusing Sponge Bob believes that family values and diversity are just code words for homosexuality. Don't quote me on that, he said something like that, I don't remember his exact words. Anyways, my professor then responded to the guy accusing Sponge Bob by saying "My code words for your an asshole is your allowed to have your own opinion."

Also a little side note. In tonight's episode of American Idol they were in Orlando, Florida. They held their auditions at the big convention center on International Dr. that was right across the street from the hotel I had my convention in in November. I actually went in there the first day when I was trying to find the right place. Pretty cool. I kept wishing they would show what was around the convention center but they didn't.