Wednesday, September 29, 2004


This is a test of the amybear broadcasting service. If it was a real emergency then instructions would follow.


Its probably just me and my weirdness, but I really enjoy the new HP digital photography commercials with the catchy song and the people taking pictures of the things around them by just pinching the air and holding a picture to themselves. My favorite one is the one with the guy sitting at his desk just putting the pictures around his neck and doing the little dance. LOL don't ask me why I enjoy them, I just do. I guess it's like how my man likes those Hardees commercials with the woman on the bull. Though I don't lust after the people in the HP commercial, I just think its a cool commercial.

ANYWAYS - Its 12:39am and I can't fall asleep. I tried going to bed but couldn't fall asleep. Maybe its the chocolate I had before bed. Sheesh I used to be able to drink diet cokes before bed an not have them affect me at all. Darn getting old.

It's alright about messing up the shirt that I like. You can still wear it around when we are just hanging around. No need to throw away a good shirt. Do you remember where you got them though? You should definitley invest in a few more ;) Since you were cleaning your apartment you probably didn't get to see Father of the Pride and Scrubs. That is too bad, because they were both really good espisodes. I have to say I was wrong about Father of the Pride, I thought it would get cancelled after a few weeks. Now I'm recommeding it to people.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I get to sleep in which is nice, but then I have a lot of stuff crammed into the afternoon. I have a meeting and then I need to get some stuff at the library. After that I'm going to go home, fix up the last bit of data, burn it to a disk, bring it to my advisor along with the books, an then go to a GSAC meeting. Hopefully I'll be able to fit dinner in there somewhere.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Just writing to write

Now that I think about it, I think I am going to cool down the search for webrings and such to join. It might also be my brain telling me that its tired and wants to go to bed. I'm not sure if its just the sites that I have been coming across or what, but it seems like most people that use blogger use it to express their political/religious views. I am more used to many of the sites such as Live Journal where there are more people blogging about their daily lives and random things going on instead of being so political. I can't say for sure since I haven't been on here for too long, but its what I have come across. I think I am just going to write for me and my man - because he is the main reason I started a journal on here. If I happen to come across a cool site or a webring I want to join I'll add it. But, for now I don't think I'm going to actively search for them so that this blog gets more traffic. Though as the mood hits me it might change, but for now this how its going to be. Ok, I'm rambling now, time to go to sleep.

Webrings and such

My plan was to join a few webrings on a few topics that I am interested in. Sounds easy enough right? Nope. I first started looking at webrings. As I soon found out, webrings are just websites that have to do with the topic not people's blogs. My man suggested that I look for blog alliances. I have had a hard time finding blogs searching for this. I think it's a relatively new term, I haven't heard it before. I have also tried searching on google for words such as "grad student", "graduate school", "sushi", or "long distance relationships". Not much of anything has come up. I then came across fanlistings. When I used to have a blog here I joined a lot of fanlistings. Basically, they are just a list of people who all like a particular thing. They all take a link or a picture of whatever the site is about and post it on their site. So I guess thats sort of what I'm looking for. However, I don't think that many people who join a fanlisting actually go back and look at other people's blogs that have joined as well. I could be wrong though. I guess I will find out. I did join one fanlisting, because I thought the pictures were cute. Though a lot of the sites that the site lists are broken, so I doubt I will get much traffic from it. You can see the link below my archives list. So, my point to this entry? I really doubt anyone besides my man is reading this, but if anyone else happens too and knows of any good links to blog alliances or whatever they are being called these days leave me a link.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Today was the day of driving and it wasn't even in a logical order. I started off driving to Financial Services to pick up my pay check. Then drove to my department's building to see if I could find a spot with a meter to drop off a video. I couldn't find one so I drove to my friend's apartment to pick up her key since I am taking care of her kitties this weekend. I then realized that I needed to deposit my paycheck while I was out and about so drove to the bank and then went to a groccery store near by that I have been meaning to go to that was a little farther than the others I go too. After that I drove home. At four I'm going to drive back to campus to drop off the video since that is when my permit allows me to park close. Stupid campus parking.

So why am I mad? I'm annoyed at payroll and my department. I don't understand where the problem happened. We had this big departmental meeting about assistantships at the end of august. We had to fill out this huge packet of tax type information. I filled everything out and gave them a void check for my direct deposit. Now fast forward to now. I realize its the middle of the month when I should have gotten paid by now. Nothing. I send a few emails to my department chair and she talks to someone so they make out a check for me that I have to go pick up at financial services which is on the very edge of campus. If I had just picked up my paycheck and had not said anything I would have been screwed. I was like, "So, I'm set from now on right?" She said let me check and of course I'm not. They didn't have my direct deposit form. So I filled that out. I would have asked her if there was any other forms I had to fill out but she started talking to one of her friends on the phone. I should have stayed and waited, but I didn't. Stupid me. While driving home I realized that if they did not have my direct deposit form then they of course probably did not have any of the other tax forms I filled out such as w-4's and such. I called them back and of course they don't have anything. GAAAAAAAAAAH! What is wrong with these people. Why did other people's forms get turned in and mine got lost??? I don't like the fact that my tax paperwork and a void check of mine could be anywhere. Thankfully, they have the paperwork on the web and I can just mail it into them instead of having to drive back up there. But gah!! Before I print any of it out and fill it out again I emailed my department chair and told her what was going on. Maybe she can track down my paperwork or the lady who screwed it all up so I don't have to fill them out again. *grumbles* How hard is it to turn in some forms with everyone elses?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Go to bed!

I'm such a dork. Its 12:48am and I should be in bed sleeping. Yet I'm on the internet looking up Psychometrics. Why? I think it sounds like an interesting area. I think I'm going to look into it more tomorrow. From what I know I like the area, but I'm not sure if I want to actually create the tests an have to deal with all of that math and reliabilty/validity. I think it would be easier to just use the tests that people have already created. Though I don't know much about the field. Here is a link to a site that discusses what it is for future reference.

Watched Law and Order SVU tonight and it was really interesting. Basically a doctor took the eggs of one woman and put them in other women without her consent. The woman who didn't give the consent had lost her daughter in a car accident. One day she happened to see the daughter of one of the women that got one of her eggs and was convinced that god had given her another chance at being with her daughter. So for most of the episode both parents were fighting for the child because one parent had given the egg and one parent had actually given birth to her. I thought it was a really good episode.

Anyways, to bed with me. Night.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Honor Society

Today I actually started the day off with data entry instead of watching tv until my brain woke up. So today I already have one hour of data entry under my belt when I normally would have been just starting.

After I was done I checked my email an found that they had sent all the information about the Honor Society! They are having a pizza party next week and then the inductions are in november. The dues are pretty expensive but they pay for this year and the year after graduation, a pin, honor cords for graduation (!), and for all the other programs that they will do this year. I'm pretty psyched as is my mother. I told her that she could come since the form asked how many guests would be coming. However, I really hope I'm not the only one bringing guests. An of course I am being my normal neurotic self and am worrying about getting down there and parking because it is being held in the one part of campus that I don't visit much. Guess I will have to suck it up one weekend an drive around to figure out everything.

Random note - I just killed a bee myself without freaking out much. My man should be proud ;) I just wish I knew where he came from.

Since I still don't feel ready to go back to do more data entry I'm going to play with blogger some more (even though I stayed up way too late last night figuring things out) and see if I can find any webrings to join.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Testing, testing 1,2, 3. Just trying this out. Blogger sure has come a long way since I was here last.