Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Home made lipgloss

On sunday when I was procrastinating working on my thesis I started watching the PBS telethon when they broadcast all their really good shows an try to get people to call in and give them money. Since I was watching on a sunday morning it was kids shows. There was one in particular that was really cool though. It taught children how to make really neat things out of household products, really quick and cheap. Yea, I know I'm a giant kid in an adults body :) They made a lot of really awesome stuff, but the one thing that really stood out for me is their homemade lip gloss. How cool is that! I love going into Claires and looking at all the different flavors and kinds of lipgloss they have. I usually never buy them, though I did by a twinkie flavored one once. Anyways, I decided to give it a try. On the telethon they wanted you to buy all their stuff but I managed to find the recipe online.

Today I went to the groccery store to get everything I needed which wasn't much. I didn't have any small containers to put them in so I bought a few of those, even though they are still big. If I make more Im going to see what Michaels has. The only other thing I got was shortening. Yea I know lol. Making it was pretty easy, though a bit messy. The shortening was really sticky and the kool-aid I used turned my fingers red which turned everything in my sink red. Took a few washings to get it out lol. Making it went really quick but the clean up was messy. Next, I put it in the freezer for two hours, and voila, fruit punch lipgloss. I tried it and its pretty nice too :) I wonder how it compares to the real stuff. Feels and looks real to me!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Cheerwine Fairy

I am the cheerwine fairy. I am bringing up two cases of cheerwine soda and two cases of cheerwine ice cream when I go visit Jeff on friday. Its nice to be able to make two people happy that easily though. Enjoy, and Jeff, I expect a taste of the ice cream :)

Friday, December 10, 2004

I hate original sources

So, I'm working on my thesis. At least trying too. Gah. I wrote the theory section and it has lots of good information included. However, I have to find the main parts cited by the actual theorist I am writing about. The annoying thing is I have three theorists in my paper. I've tried the internet and found many people saying what I want to say in their own words and people who have the orginial source work I need but its cited in their work and most of it doesn't have the citations I need so I can't use it. Gah! I feel like I want to throw my thesis out the window and stomp on it. I know I should probably go to the library an see if I can find anything, but I'm just feeling really lazy. It's the end of the semester and I don't want to have to go over to the library. I should probably take a break and come back to this, but I feel like I keep putting it off already. I emailed a friend of mine who is also writing her thesis. However, she is already way ahead of me. She has already collected her data an is cleaning her data right now, getting ready for data anaylsis. I so wish I was at that point already. Anyways, we will see what she says. Its just nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing. I should really take a break. Maybe I should go finish my holiday shopping.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

New template

Yes, I changed the template on my blog. Its nice and simple. A little boring but I will fix that. It was driving me nuts that you had to scroll down to read my posts so I picked one where you didn't have to do that. I know there is a problem with the previous posts and archives link, but my tummy is growling and I think Im going to go eat first. I have a feeling it's something to do with the sitemeter thingy. Who knows. Time to eat.

The semester is almost over

Woo hoo. The end is in sight. Thank goodness. This semester was full of independent studies where I could push things back in order to work on my thesis or in my case procrastinate a bit. Not fun. I am looking forward to having real classes next semester, but then again, I'm also a little scared because I won't be able to push things back when I have something major to finish in my thesis. I'll get through it one way or another. An then after the end of the spring semester I will be done! Wahoo! The end of next semester will be a great one for many reasons, I'll be done with graduate school and my thesis, Ill turn 26, I will be engaged by then, and I hopefully will have a job prospect so I can move up an be local with Jeff. All great things on my end. Now I just have to get to that point.

So most of what I have been up too in the last couple months has been thesis work. I just finished my committee meeting and now Im working to get the forms in so I can start actually doing my thesis at the beginning of next semester. All of my independent study work is done and turned in and my last day for my assistantship was yesterday. So now all I have left is all of the revisions on my thesis. Bleh. An of course right now I'm not in the mood to work on it. Its probably because I just went to a meeting where they fed us free pizza so I'm probably in a carb haze. Since I am not doing anything with my thesis I figured I would post here. I don't really have that much to say. I just write about me and whats going on in my life. Sometimes I think about writing like Jeff does, about current events or whatever. Maybe Ill give it a try. Even though I'm sure that there is not anyone reading this blog because I have not given it the attention it needs. Is there anything that you would want me to post about or would want to know about?