Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sushi pillows

Are you addicted to sushi as much as I am? If you are check out this site where you can buy your own sushi pillow!


Woot. I wrote a journal article with my assistantship professor last year and it was accepted with revisions to a journal in the field. I have been checking the website over and over again (its an online issue of the journal) and it was never put it up. It's finally up and I'm now published!

Japanese Name

Your Japanese Name Is...

Mamiko Nomiya

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got home from my second meeting with the assistant dean of the graduate school. He briefly flipped through my thesis, only looking at a few things. He mentioned that my new headings looked pretty *G* and then said congradulations your done!!!! WOOT!! I gave him my signature form to sign and unfortunately he noticed two things. My margins were off by a tiny bit (he actually did measure them with a ruler) and I got the title of the dean of grad school wrong. However, he said, "I'm in a good mood and you got this far so I'm not going to make you fix it." YEA!!! So he signed my forms and I was off! All I have to do is go to kinkos and print out my thesis on the nice paper, put them in envelopes and deliver them to the library bounding place. Then gotta get the library lady to sign my form and then give it to the registrar! No more editing, expand this crap or messing with page numbers. I am DONE!!! Graduation here I come ;D

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday Jeff! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I wish I was able to spend it with you, but soon I will be done and we will be local. Don't forget that since I am not able to be with you today, you get to celebrate your birthday again with me ;) I love you.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Cookies continued

Here is a comic strip that mentions the Cookie Monster Controversy that I mentioned in my last entry.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cookies are sometimes foods

Yahoo has a story about how they are changing things over at Sesame Street. They are reporting that the Cookie Monster is learning about healthy eating and now instead of singing the C is for cookie song he sings a song called "A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food". This change is to help in the sky rocketing rates of childhood obesity. I agree that this is important to combat, but changing the Cookie Monster?


Today is the day of waiting. Im getting things done that I need to get done, but I feel like I am just sitting on my butt all day. I got up really early so that I could get to Kinkos by 8am so that I could pick up the copy of my thesis for my dept chair. Then walked back to my building and got my advisor to sign my sheet. She freaked me out by saying I may need to go back to Kinkos to fix something. I then sat around for 45min waiting for my other committee member to sign my sheet. Thankfully she said I didn't have to fix the thing my advisor wanted. Then I sat in the computer lab doing busy work and reading stupid websites for 2.5 hours. Got bored of the comp lab, so watched the kids playing for a bit, and then decided to try my last committee member a little early. Luckily she was there so I got her to sign them and then ran back to my departments office. Of course I missed the secretary, she was out for lunch. Why do I always need to do something in the office when I know she will be out to lunch? So here I am, back in the computer lab wasting more time until 12:45-1ish where I can finally turn in my thesis to my dept chair and go home for a bit. We are supposed to have a honor society meeting tonight, but we will see if I go. I need a nap.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Revisions part one

The first set of revisions is complete. They mainly were grammatical errors. However, I am expecting more substance revisions in my next set of revisions since my next set will come from a professor in my department. I guess I will find out when she gets them to me. The good thing is that my committee member could tell all the work I put into it after my first defense. All that work was not in vain. Now if I can just make my last deadline without having to wait for anyone else.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Litte reprieve

Today I got an unexpected reprieve. I wasn't planning on going in to campus till around 12pm so I have been watching tv and the coverage on the Pope. I went to go check the weather and my email right before I was going to get ready to go and I found an email from my committee member who I was going to get my first set of revisions from. She won't be able to get them to me till tomorrow which is fine. I wasn't going to get the other set till tomorrow anyways. So today I have one more day off from doing thesis work. This is good because I had a hard time going to sleep last night partly because of day lights savings time and partly because my new drink of choice, diet sunkist, has caffiene and I drank it too close to bedtime. I think today will be a day of cleaning. My apartment really needs it. I also need to return my movies to blockbuster and turn in a paper to my apartment office.

Also I wanted to pat myself on the back. At the beginning of the semester I was really worried about my grant writing class. I had never taken any courses on it and it is an Internet course which means I can't get the same feedback I normally would. However, things have been going well. Last night I sent in my progress report for this week and this is the response I got, "Thank you. Well done, as I've come to expect."

Saturday, April 02, 2005


On thursday I pulled everything together I could to finish and then friday I scrambled to get it all set up. In two days I managed to finish the rest of my revisions, to set up a time and place for my defense, to make a cover letter with all my revisions listed since they wouldn't get much time to read it ahead of time, to finish my power point presentation, to run over to kinkos to get my thesis and to distribute them to my committee members. Let's just say that yesterday was busy.

I finally defended again friday from 3-3:45. I was nervous. While I was reading my notes to them I had thoughts about what would happen if I didn't pass this time, but I pushed them away and just kept going. They asked me to leave the room so they could discuss and I got nervous. This is the time in the last defense when I knew things weren't going right. It didn't make it any better that they talked for a long time. I just paced the hallways. Turns out they were talking about something totally off topic. Anyways, my advisor opened the door and she said congradulations, you passed! LOL, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Oh thank god." LOL Thank goodness.

It hasn't really sunk in that I passed that part. I still have a lot of stuff to catch up on. But I do feel a bit lighter and calmer. Like I do have a lot of stuff to get done but I can do it at my pace, and I don't have to freak out about it, because it's not as hard as my thesis. Whats left for my thesis? Well I need to figure out how many copies of pretty paper I need to buy for my committee members to sign that will go into my binded copy of my thesis. On monday and tuesday I will get the last bit of their revisions. I have to fix those quickly (hopefully there won't be too much) and then I have to print out one more copy for my dept chair to read. After she is done, I will make all her revisions and then I have to print out a certain amount (not sure yet) on pretty paper and have it bound and sent to the graduate school by April 14 so I can graduate. Woo hoo. Graduation here I come :D