Friday, July 11, 2008

27 dresses

I love a good chic flick. I love romantic movies and all the mush. This is why Jeff and I netflixed 27 dresses. I had wanted to see it for a while. The commercials made the movie look good. However, I think that this is the first chic flick in a really long time that I did not like.

The movie was basically about this girl (Kathrine Heigl) who couldn't say no. She was always taking care of other people hence being a bridesmaid in so many weddings. I know the point of the movie was to talk about how she couldn't say no and show her growth, but the fact that she couldn't say no annoyed me. If she could have said something at the beginning of the movie there would be no rest of the movie. Kathrine Heigl spent the whole movie being used and having to go through all this crap because of mean people just because she wouldn't stand up for herself.

In addition, there were many aspects of this movie that I have seen in other movies. It made it very predictable. For example a guy writing an article about a girl and then guy falls in love with girl and wishes he wasn't stuck writing about (Never Been Kissed) or girl pining after this one guy the whole movie, but when they finally get a chance to be together she doesn't want him anymore. I'm sure there are many movies out there that use that formula.

So in the end. I liked the mushy parts, but overall the movie irked me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cow Appreciation Day

Do you like to eat at Chick-fil-A? Do you want a free combo meal? Then tomorrow dress up from head to toe as a cow for Cow Appreciation Day. I think it may cost more to rent a cow suit than it would actually cost to buy the combo meal. Still would be entertaining nonetheless.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Amazing jumping cat

Milo loves to chase his toy mice around and will get some good air if you throw it right. However, the cat in this video beats Milo in the height department. I think the cat is a wild breed which may explain how high the cat can jump. Amazing.

Cardboard cat playhouses

I love finding new cat toys, but this one looks a little goofy. These are cardboard cat playhouses shaped as tanks, airplanes, and fire trucks. They don't look like they give a cat much room to play in. Interesting, but doesn't seem very practical.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy belated birthday bread

Yesterday sliced bread celebreated it's 80th birthday. Wow, I had no idea that it was that old. I did celebrate yesterday by eating a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Salmon burgers

I tried a new recipe last night for dinner that was healthy and really yummy. I made salmon burgers from scratch. Well the salmon was from the can :)

All you need is two cans of salmon, 1/4 cup of oat bran (I used oatmeal), 2 scallions, one egg, and 3 tablespoons of butter.

Drain the two cans of salmon and place them in a mixing bowl. Mash the salmon and add the oat bran, scallions, and egg. Mix. Then in a frying pan melt the butter and form the burgers. Cook the burgers about seven minutes a side, turning carefully.

They come out tasting yummy and buttery. We ate them with rolls, but you could be even healthier and put it on top of lettuce.


This past weekend I decided to be crafty. I saw this cool craft in a catalog I wanted to try. It was a kit to make a fleece blanket. Basically it was fleece strips or squares (I'm not sure which) that you tied knots on the edges to keep it together instead of having to sew, which I'm not good at. I was like, "Hey, this is a craft that I could do and not mess up too badly."

I decided to stop in at Jo Ann's Fabric's to see if I could find it instead of having to pay shipping and handling with the catalog. I found they had a bunch of kits to make fleece blankets with a lot of cute patterns. I ended up with one with monkeys on it which matches my monkey pjs quite nicely :) Anyways, I brought it home and soon found that it was a lot more work than I was expecting.

First, instead of squares of fleece or strips it was two large pieces of fleece. I had to do all the cutting. I had to cut a 7inch square out of each corner and then cut 7inch strips 1 inch a part all the way around the fleece. Then I had to knot each strip from one piece of fleece to the other. It took me three hours. Not what I was expecting.

The whole time Milo was sitting on top of it. The second I spread it out he was laying down in the middle of it. While I worked he stretched out and attacked my strips. I yelled at him a few times, but while I worked he was never far away from my blanket.

In the end it came out cute. I like it and it is really warm. I probably won't do anything like that again for a long time. However, when I use it Milo always comes to sit on it. He also loves taking naps on it. Jeff calls it Milo's blanket, but I won't let him have it. I worked too hard on it to give it to him.

American Foods

This link lists the top ten foods that only Americans could have invented. I'm not sure of all of them like chinese food (although I know our version of chinese food is more american). Mmm smores, chinese food, and corn dogs are making me hungry. I am ashamed to say I have never had a real philly cheese steak and live pretty close to philly. However, now days, I don't think my stomach could take it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nintendo DS teaching English

There is a school in Japan that is using the Nintendo DS to help teach the students English. I think this is a very cool idea. It's a way to teach children instead of just reading out of a book without any real world applications. I still like Animal Crossing the best, but I would definitely try this game out.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


While I love to snack on cheddar cheese cracker combos, these new bacon, egg, and cheese flavored combos sound a little weird. I would definitely try them and see if they taste like the yummy breakfast combination, but I'm not sure if they would be great or gross.

Lars and the Real Girl

Jeff and I received this movie off of our netflix list. Leading up to watching this movie Jeff did not want to watch it. I have heard that it was a good movie, so I wanted to try it. This movie is weird. We kept looking at each other during the movie saying no way. However, if you can get past the weirdness it is sort of a good movie. It has a good message. It's about this one guy who is having some issues in life and starts retreating from society. He ends up buying a real girl doll (a life sized doll) that he introduces people to as his girlfriend. He takes her everywhere and has conversations with her. Most of the movie is about what society thinks and how they get over their judgments and support him.

Bit of a foodie

I like to eat. I like to try new foods and different things. However, I haven't been able to do as much of that as I would like the past year. I have had stomach issues that may be caused by gerd and by a gallstone. Because of these two things, I have mainly stuck to blander foods and not been very adventurous.

I have found that when I'm bored at work I tend to end up on food type blogs. It's amazing how many are out there. I found a foodie blog roll today that looked cool. My blog isn't 80% food though so I couldn't join. I can still read. It's cool reading everyone's blog with pictures for each step, but that is way too much work.

I enjoy cooking, however, I haven't been doing much lately because of work. I'm tired when I get home and don't want to make anything big. However, reading all of these food related blogs does make me feel like I want to cook more again. Maybe one new recipe a week would be a good start.

Last night I did try a new recipe. I made eggplant moussaka. It was sort of like an eggplant lasagna. I started by browning eggplant slices and then put the slices at the bottom of a casserole dish. On top I poured a mixture of browned ground beef, onions, and garlic that was seasoned with cinnamon and oregano. I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top and then put some more eggplant slices and then more meat. I cooked it in the oven for about 45 minutes. It came out pretty yummy and we got more vegetables in our diet.