Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Testing one, two three...

Yes, I'm still alive. *brushes the dust bunnies off my blog* I figured I would give this blog another shot.

What have I been up too? Well I finally indulged and bought myself an XM Radio. I bought the Samsung Helix which is a portable xm player that comes with a docking unit. I also ended up buying the head phones that make the signal stronger. They help a lot when I am not hooked up to the docking unit. I was going to get a Sirius radio, but XM's radio's just seemed to be built better and were much cheaper. So far I am enjoying being a satellite radio subscriber. I tend to listen to only a few channels, but I enjoy flipping through all of the other channels.

What else.. Jeff and I are in the process of buying a home. We close on friday which is pretty exciting. I am looking forward to having the extra space and to be able to attempt to put my own personal touches on it, or least learn how too :)

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