Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I should update this blog eh? Jeff says that I have way too many blogs that no one reads about random topics. I had a cooking blog for a while, a blog about domokun, and a blog for Milo our cat. So I figure I should try to combine them all into one and see if I can get some readers. Hopefully posting will become less sporadic :D


SirThomas said...

Blogs are subjective by nature, so whatever you want to do is fine. I believe I hear you saying that you want readers, so I'm guessing this isn't just a cathartic repository. In that case, perhaps you want to determine who your audience will be and write with them in mind.

My own feedback: this blog (recently) seems to be just a convenient place for you to gather random links to other web items for yourself.

Amybear said...

So far this blog has been a place for me to post interesting things that I thought others might enjoy as well. My audience? Anyone who has similar interests or happens to random across my blog. Nothing huge. Thanks for the comment though ;)