Monday, March 21, 2005


Today is D-day. The day that I defend my masters thesis. Should I be worried I'm not that nervous? I have thought about this day for a while and I'm glad its finally here so I can get it over with. At 3pm I will know if I passed or failed. Im sure I'm going to pass. What I'm wondering about is how many revisions I'm going to get. I'm hoping that since I had sooooooo many revisions before I turned it in that I will only have a small amount to fix. That would be wonderful. I just hope I can answer all their questions and they don't think it sucks. I will be defending from 1-3pm so if anyone feels like sending me some good thoughts feel free!

Also, I know it's goofy, but I keep checking the comic PhD in hopes that the character Mike Slackenerny defends today too. He is supposed to defend his thesis this week as well. Not sure when this week though.

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Andrea L said...

Good luck on your defense! Hope all goes well.