Thursday, January 19, 2006

World of Warcraft

I used to play a Mmorpg called Fairyland. This was my very first mmorpg. I played this game for about two to three years. After playing for that long I was ready for a break. At first I was just going to stop playing mmorpg's for a while because they are addicting and it's hard to stop and accomplish the things you need to finish in the real world. So for a couple of weeks I didn't play any mmorpgs. However, I started thinking about trying a new game. One of the more popular games out there, either Everquest or World of Warcraft. I decided on Wow because Jeff wanted to play as well, I found it at Walmart on sale, and you could play for a month free which would let me decide if I wanted to p2p or not. So I bought it.

It's really hard to adjust to this new game and new style of play. Fairyland was so different. In fairyland you walk around on a blank map. As you walk around the monsters pop up on your screen and you fight them. No one can steal your monster and they are not walking around like you. In addition building your character is different. In fairyland you add statistics to your character every time you level. So if I was an AOL I would add 40 con and then add to my int and dex. On Wow you get stats when you level, but I have no idea how that fits into things. Can you control how you build your character? I have tried reading some guides, but they just leave me confused. So I guess I'll have to keep playing and see what I can figure out.

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