Friday, September 08, 2006

Kitty time

Woo hoo. This morning I got through to the kitty lady who had left a message on our answering machine a few days ago. She said we were approved to get our kitty! She gave me some information on what food to give him and stuff to do at the vet. Then she said she would have to talk to the foster home he was living in to see when they could bring him to Petsmart. The lady at the foster home called while I was at work. Thankfully Jeff had the day off and was able to talk to her. We are going to bring home our kitty today!! Yea!! I'm excited. Jeff and I already feel more positive about bringing him home than we did with Meg. I think thats a good sign. We also finally came up with a name for him, Milo. Milo is Liv Tyler's son (we were watching a show on E! about daughers of rock stars) and an orange tabby in Milo and Otis the movie. I didn't know that he was an orange tabby in the movie. I guess it really fits him since he's an orange tabby as well ;)

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