Monday, September 04, 2006

Possible kitty parents

Yes, as the title reads we may be kitty parents by next weekend. As I posted in my last entry, a cat would fit into our life style better than a dog at this moment. That doesn't mean we won't get a dog sometime later down the line.

We spent this weekend going to various places that have cats for adoption. Our first stop was a Petsmart near our place that was pretty disappointing. They had a small number of cats and most of them already had people who had put in paperwork to adopt them. There was only one left and on its tag it said the cat was shy and slow to warm up. This reminded us a lot of Meg and we decided against that cat.

Next we went to the SPCA. I really don't like this place. I mean I'm glad it's there to help cats and dogs, but it makes me really sad everytime I go in there. All of those animals in cages, some of them crying, wondering how much time they have left to be adopted. I really hated watching some people dropping their animals off at the pound. Made me wonder what had happened and why they couldn't keep them. Because we went on a saturday, a rainy saturday no less they were packed. So we had to wait a long time. We should have gotten there earlier, but oh well. So we had a lot of time to observe.

We did like one cat there that we wanted to learn more about, but it took forever to find anyone to help us. Thats another thing about the spca I don't like. They have so many animals that many of them, especially cats, just have a number and no little tag telling you about them. You have to ask someone who usually only knows limited information about them. We finally found someone to help us with about 20 minutes of visiting time left. She opened the cage for us and we got to hold the cat. It was a very sweet cat, purred when we pet him and such. She said he was a stray, didn't really know if it was a boy or a girl or how old he was. She said he had an upper respiratory infection and was on medication for two weeks. That made me nervous. She said that it was just something cats get easily and after he took all the medication he would be fine. Still I wasn't sure. I wanted to visit with him see how he acted, but they were so busy the lady only let us hold him for a minute and then asked if we wanted him or not. She didn't have time to let us visit and decide. We decided to wait. At least we got to donate the big dog carrier my parents have had forever. They gave it to us when we got Meg. Ever since then, it has been sitting in our living room. I'm glad we could give it to them and possibly help save an animals life.

After the SPCA we went to a Petco and they had a dissapointingly small amount of cats and no one was even there to help us. It just said if you are interested in one of the cats fax in your application. Bleh.

Sunday, after going to church with Jeff and Jon, we went to a PetSmart nearby. We have been to this one before when we were just looking and I remembered that it was bigger than the one nearer to us. We went in and they did have more cats. Yea and they had tags telling us about their personalities, even better. We first liked one from the Humane Society but there was no one there to help us. There was another group there who was showing cats to be adopted who had many people there. So we started looking at their cats. I held one, but it didn't seem to be that interested in being held. I then asked if they had any cats that were lap cats. She brought one out that was more of a lap cat, but not exactly what I was looking for. The last one cat she showd us we really liked. I held him and he sat in my lap and pushed his head against my arm so that I would pet him more and pay attention to him. We filled out the adoption application for him and gave it to the woman. She said that we should hear back by this weekend. When I know that we will get him I will write more about him. Hopefully we will. I think we will be good kitty parents, but I am a little nervous. I haven't had a cat in forever. I had one as a child, a pure white cat that was a little moody. I'm not surprised I'm nervous though, I'm always like this right before something new. Once I get into it I'll calm down and see that everything will be fine. I just hope he will fit into our family and we won't have to have another Meg experience.

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