Thursday, December 09, 2004

The semester is almost over

Woo hoo. The end is in sight. Thank goodness. This semester was full of independent studies where I could push things back in order to work on my thesis or in my case procrastinate a bit. Not fun. I am looking forward to having real classes next semester, but then again, I'm also a little scared because I won't be able to push things back when I have something major to finish in my thesis. I'll get through it one way or another. An then after the end of the spring semester I will be done! Wahoo! The end of next semester will be a great one for many reasons, I'll be done with graduate school and my thesis, Ill turn 26, I will be engaged by then, and I hopefully will have a job prospect so I can move up an be local with Jeff. All great things on my end. Now I just have to get to that point.

So most of what I have been up too in the last couple months has been thesis work. I just finished my committee meeting and now Im working to get the forms in so I can start actually doing my thesis at the beginning of next semester. All of my independent study work is done and turned in and my last day for my assistantship was yesterday. So now all I have left is all of the revisions on my thesis. Bleh. An of course right now I'm not in the mood to work on it. Its probably because I just went to a meeting where they fed us free pizza so I'm probably in a carb haze. Since I am not doing anything with my thesis I figured I would post here. I don't really have that much to say. I just write about me and whats going on in my life. Sometimes I think about writing like Jeff does, about current events or whatever. Maybe Ill give it a try. Even though I'm sure that there is not anyone reading this blog because I have not given it the attention it needs. Is there anything that you would want me to post about or would want to know about?

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