Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got home from my second meeting with the assistant dean of the graduate school. He briefly flipped through my thesis, only looking at a few things. He mentioned that my new headings looked pretty *G* and then said congradulations your done!!!! WOOT!! I gave him my signature form to sign and unfortunately he noticed two things. My margins were off by a tiny bit (he actually did measure them with a ruler) and I got the title of the dean of grad school wrong. However, he said, "I'm in a good mood and you got this far so I'm not going to make you fix it." YEA!!! So he signed my forms and I was off! All I have to do is go to kinkos and print out my thesis on the nice paper, put them in envelopes and deliver them to the library bounding place. Then gotta get the library lady to sign my form and then give it to the registrar! No more editing, expand this crap or messing with page numbers. I am DONE!!! Graduation here I come ;D

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