Monday, April 04, 2005

Litte reprieve

Today I got an unexpected reprieve. I wasn't planning on going in to campus till around 12pm so I have been watching tv and the coverage on the Pope. I went to go check the weather and my email right before I was going to get ready to go and I found an email from my committee member who I was going to get my first set of revisions from. She won't be able to get them to me till tomorrow which is fine. I wasn't going to get the other set till tomorrow anyways. So today I have one more day off from doing thesis work. This is good because I had a hard time going to sleep last night partly because of day lights savings time and partly because my new drink of choice, diet sunkist, has caffiene and I drank it too close to bedtime. I think today will be a day of cleaning. My apartment really needs it. I also need to return my movies to blockbuster and turn in a paper to my apartment office.

Also I wanted to pat myself on the back. At the beginning of the semester I was really worried about my grant writing class. I had never taken any courses on it and it is an Internet course which means I can't get the same feedback I normally would. However, things have been going well. Last night I sent in my progress report for this week and this is the response I got, "Thank you. Well done, as I've come to expect."

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