Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thanks to Anonymous Opinion and her comment on my puppy fever entry, Jeff and I have been thinking about getting a cat. Thanks Anonymous :D We are both dog people, though I did have a cat growing up. However, I don't think a dog would fit into our way of life at the moment. Jeff works full time and although I work part time my hours are not always consistent. Getting a cat would fit more into our lifestyle. Cats can be left alone more, you don't have to go home to let a cat out, it can just go in its litter box, you don't walk a cat (though I wouldn't mind walking a dog), and they don't need a backyard. Part me of me wonders if I would be giving anything up in getting a cat rather than a dog, but I don't think I would. Yes dogs need you more and you can take them to parks and stuff, but, cats can show love too. They snuggle and purr and can play too. I think eventually we will also get a dog, but for now a cat would fit into our lifestyle more.

Since Jeff hasn't had much experience with cats we are thinking of going to visit one of the cat shelters in the area this weekend. My friend at work said this is how she went home with two cats LOL. I just want Jeff to be able to spend some time with a cat, to see how they act, and see that they are good pets too. Who knows if we will bring one home or not, though I wouldn't be opposed to doing just that :)

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