Monday, February 07, 2005

The last major crunch

Normally in this situation I would be freaking out a bit, though maybe I will as I get a bit closer. Anyways, I'm under a deadline once again. But this deadline is different. This deadline is the last major deadline that I will have in grad school - i.e. my thesis. I am just finishing entering in all the data into the computer. Hopefully I will be done with that by wednesday. Then on wednesday I will run my analysis with my advisor and then I have to have my results and discussion sections written along with all the revisions needed from my first comittee meeting by March 1st. Ouch. That gives me what? 3 weeks or so to do everything. I don't know why I'm not more nervous. Maybe because I know deep down that I will get it done one way or another. Everything always does. But after this major crunch I will have at least a draft or more of the entire thesis. After that its just lots of revisions and chart making and lots of time spent at kinkos. Yes, I still will have to crunch at the end to get my Grant Writing Proposal written but that class doesn't really matter much in the scheme of things. I'll do what I can, but I'm not going to bust ass trying to make it perfect like my thesis. My thesis is much more important. So in a way its a nice feeling. After I get past this hurdle I will only have a few smaller things to work on and then I will be done. I will be able to wear my cap and gown, get hooded, and finally graduate.

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