Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hurray for good deals

To break the monotony of working on my computer doing thesis work and work for classes and then taking a break on the computer I decided to go to EB Games today after I was at campus. They had this promotion going where if you bought two used games you could get one free. I picked through their used ps1 games and tried to find three I liked. It seems like they have a million copies of a few games, and barely any of others. There were a lot of repeat names, but I had never heard of the games, so I guess I can't really say anything. Anyways, I ended up buying Sim City 2000 for $9.99, Spyro the Year of the Dragon for $5.99 and Crash Bandicoot Warped for free. I like free. I have played a few of the Sims games on the computer so I'm not expecting it to be that different. May be cool. I have the first Spyro game. I believe Jeff bought it for me way back when. Its a cute game and I love turning the sheep into lamb chops. I have never played Crash Bandicoot, but the name sounds familiar. I think Jeff had it as a demo or something and liked it. I am thinking one of the characters is a racoon or something, but who knows. So yea for good deals :)

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Jeff the Baptist said...

Crash Bandicoot showed up on an episode of Felicity back in the day. Noel was really hooked on it.