Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Random observations

Recently I have observed some interesting things on campus. Yesterday morning on the bus to campus two people who did not know each other at all on the bus struck up a friendship because both of them had that new nintendo thingy. I have no idea what the name of it is, but its the small one that just came out that sorta looks like a game boy. They sent each other their game data, an for the short time they were on the bus they played together. I had no idea they were that popular. I guess I am out of the technology loop.

This afternoon I got to class a little early. When I came in this one girl was talking about some surgery she had and swelling. I was like huh?? Turns out she was talking about how she had lyposuction on many parts of her body after she had her son (she's around my age) and is really thinking about going back for more. She was all gung ho about lyposuction and was trying to convince this other girl in my class to get it too. Then all of a sudden another girl in my class said she had had it before an what a great thing it is. Meanwhile, my professor is listening an shaking her head with many of my classmates thinking what is wrong with you people.

Speaking of my professor, I have to quote something she said today. She cracks me up. We were talking about make believe characters in the media today to use for play therapy toys. One person brought up Sponge Bob. That brought up the whole news story going around about that guy thinking that he is gay. Then this other guy in my class said that the guy accusing Sponge Bob believes that family values and diversity are just code words for homosexuality. Don't quote me on that, he said something like that, I don't remember his exact words. Anyways, my professor then responded to the guy accusing Sponge Bob by saying "My code words for your an asshole is your allowed to have your own opinion."

Also a little side note. In tonight's episode of American Idol they were in Orlando, Florida. They held their auditions at the big convention center on International Dr. that was right across the street from the hotel I had my convention in in November. I actually went in there the first day when I was trying to find the right place. Pretty cool. I kept wishing they would show what was around the convention center but they didn't.

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Jeff the Baptist said...

The Nintendo DS? Yeah they're neat.

Yeah James Dobson really stepped in it with this one. I can respect his opinion about some stuff. I even have one of his books which is pretty good, but sometimes he's just an idiot. He should stay out of this political bullshit and stick to what he might actually be good at.