Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More car issues

As I blogged on Friday, I took Charlie, my Honda civic, to NTB to get his brakes worked on and his axle fixed. All was well at the end of the day on Friday. I turned in my rental car and Charlie was fine. I drove to and from work on Monday and everything was fine. Tuesday, as I was driving into my office complex I drove over a small stoned in part of the road. As I drove over I heard this weird noise, which scared me. I was right at my work so I just parked.

When I got into my work, I started getting nervous and wondering if something was wrong. I decided to go outside and drive it around the parking lot to see if anything was really wrong or if the noise had gone away. I drove around and it was fine when I was going straight, but when I hit the breaks I heard the noise. It was like a scraping noise, like something was going to fall off. I know nothing about cars so I got my office mate to take a ride around the parking lot with me to see if she heard the noise, which she did.

After that I decided to drive back down to NTB to have them figure out what was wrong. I was like I was just there on Friday and now something isn't right. I was annoyed that I had to take time out of my day to go back down there. They said they would look at it and call me at work to tell me what was wrong and what they were going to do. I said ok and then walked across to rent another rental car from Enterprise. I was annoyed I had to do this because that is another $50 I had to spend. In the end I found out that my backing or breaking plate (I'm not even sure which) had dislodged. They fixed it for no price.

On my lunch break I drove back down and picked up my car again. I tried to see if they would pay my rental car fee since it was their fault that I had to drop my car off again. I was kinda doubtful they would, but I wanted to try. I ended up talking to the manager who ended up a bit huffy. He was like we fixed it on Friday and now it's Tuesday, you didn't alert us to having any trouble right away. He also said that I didn't even ask to be driven to work. He said if I had asked someone one would have. They don't advertise that. I am not even sure they really do that. An how would I have gotten back to NTB to pick up my car? I could of gotten a ride from my office mate, but what if I couldn't have? He probably only wanted to get out of having to pay for my rental car. Either way, we both left kind of annoyed, and I will never be going back to NTB ever again. Good riddance. They were never that helpful/friendly in the first place.

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