Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turkey Taco Salad

Yum Sugar posted a recipe for Turkey Taco Salad. They advertise it to people as an innovative fast and easy dinner. I am way ahead of the times. I have been making a version of this recipe for a while now. I enjoy thinking of yummy meals that are very fattening and thinking of ways to reduce the calories, fat, and carbohydrates. I buy lean ground turkey, brown it, and then mix a small container of mild salsa in it. Then put the turkey on top of the lettuce with whatever you want and viola. Jeff and I also use this recipe to make actual tacos with soft taco tortillas. Yum. What I like about it is you can change the ingredients to whatever suits you. I use soy cheese on our tacos most of the time because it's lighter on my stomach. Jeff uses sour cream. It's up to everyone's individual tastes.

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