Tuesday, July 08, 2008


This past weekend I decided to be crafty. I saw this cool craft in a catalog I wanted to try. It was a kit to make a fleece blanket. Basically it was fleece strips or squares (I'm not sure which) that you tied knots on the edges to keep it together instead of having to sew, which I'm not good at. I was like, "Hey, this is a craft that I could do and not mess up too badly."

I decided to stop in at Jo Ann's Fabric's to see if I could find it instead of having to pay shipping and handling with the catalog. I found they had a bunch of kits to make fleece blankets with a lot of cute patterns. I ended up with one with monkeys on it which matches my monkey pjs quite nicely :) Anyways, I brought it home and soon found that it was a lot more work than I was expecting.

First, instead of squares of fleece or strips it was two large pieces of fleece. I had to do all the cutting. I had to cut a 7inch square out of each corner and then cut 7inch strips 1 inch a part all the way around the fleece. Then I had to knot each strip from one piece of fleece to the other. It took me three hours. Not what I was expecting.

The whole time Milo was sitting on top of it. The second I spread it out he was laying down in the middle of it. While I worked he stretched out and attacked my strips. I yelled at him a few times, but while I worked he was never far away from my blanket.

In the end it came out cute. I like it and it is really warm. I probably won't do anything like that again for a long time. However, when I use it Milo always comes to sit on it. He also loves taking naps on it. Jeff calls it Milo's blanket, but I won't let him have it. I worked too hard on it to give it to him.

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