Friday, July 11, 2008

27 dresses

I love a good chic flick. I love romantic movies and all the mush. This is why Jeff and I netflixed 27 dresses. I had wanted to see it for a while. The commercials made the movie look good. However, I think that this is the first chic flick in a really long time that I did not like.

The movie was basically about this girl (Kathrine Heigl) who couldn't say no. She was always taking care of other people hence being a bridesmaid in so many weddings. I know the point of the movie was to talk about how she couldn't say no and show her growth, but the fact that she couldn't say no annoyed me. If she could have said something at the beginning of the movie there would be no rest of the movie. Kathrine Heigl spent the whole movie being used and having to go through all this crap because of mean people just because she wouldn't stand up for herself.

In addition, there were many aspects of this movie that I have seen in other movies. It made it very predictable. For example a guy writing an article about a girl and then guy falls in love with girl and wishes he wasn't stuck writing about (Never Been Kissed) or girl pining after this one guy the whole movie, but when they finally get a chance to be together she doesn't want him anymore. I'm sure there are many movies out there that use that formula.

So in the end. I liked the mushy parts, but overall the movie irked me.

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