Friday, April 17, 2009

Healthy Fast Food

I normally shy away from most fast food places where everything is fried and covered in sauces. My two favorites and normal go to's are Subway and Wawa where I can pick and choose what I want on my sandwiches. Yum. Today I decided to go to Wendy's for lunch. Jeff and I had been watching a show on fast food the other day and it mentioned Wendy's slogan "do it your way". That got me to thinking about Wendy's again and I decided to give it a shot.

Before I went I checked out their nutritional information online to see what their numbers were. You never know what things they can hide in food. From researching online I decided to get their grilled chicken sandwich without the sauce it normally comes in and a baked potato instead of their fries. I think it's great they have other things you can have instead of fries. In the end the chicken sandwich was pretty yummy. The potato looked kinda sad, but was still also good. This is definitely something I will repeat. Yea for something different I can eat :) This also makes me more motivated to try chicken sandwiches at other places. I normally avoid them because a lot of the chicken sandwiches I have had have had a weird almost overcooked bland taste. It's hard to describe. Wendy's didn't have that taste and I was glad.

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