Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ipod touch

I have been thinking about putting an ipod touch on my wish list. I just got my first apple product - an 80 gig ipod classic last fall. It works great and I like it. When I bought my ipod, ipod touches had just come out. I didn't think I needed all the bells and whistles and went for the bigger size on the ipod classic.

However, now I really want to have some of the great applications out there. There are so many that sound awesome. I also would love to use the wifi option. I would never buy an actual iphone though, I don't want to be buckled down by a monthly contract. Today in a down time at work, I started reading reviews on the ipod touch at So many people love them. Made me want one even more ;) I learned that you can only have about 9 pages of applications which I believe comes out to 148 applications you can have. The size of applications also differs, with the ones that are games and video taking up more space.

While reading the reviews and thinking about it, I think if I did get one I would get the smaller version - the 8gb. I already have my real ipod with all of my music on it. I would want it for the wifi access and the applications. I would not need the biggest one like I was thinking before. So I dunno. I feel a bit weird thinking about buying a second ipod product, but this ipod touch has functionality that mine doesn't have. I also read that it's not as great for listening to music because it doesn't have the same buttons. An if I went for the smaller one I could use both ipods for each situation I needed. My birthday is coming up next month, so we will see if I can rationalize it enough :)

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