Friday, September 24, 2004

Webrings and such

My plan was to join a few webrings on a few topics that I am interested in. Sounds easy enough right? Nope. I first started looking at webrings. As I soon found out, webrings are just websites that have to do with the topic not people's blogs. My man suggested that I look for blog alliances. I have had a hard time finding blogs searching for this. I think it's a relatively new term, I haven't heard it before. I have also tried searching on google for words such as "grad student", "graduate school", "sushi", or "long distance relationships". Not much of anything has come up. I then came across fanlistings. When I used to have a blog here I joined a lot of fanlistings. Basically, they are just a list of people who all like a particular thing. They all take a link or a picture of whatever the site is about and post it on their site. So I guess thats sort of what I'm looking for. However, I don't think that many people who join a fanlisting actually go back and look at other people's blogs that have joined as well. I could be wrong though. I guess I will find out. I did join one fanlisting, because I thought the pictures were cute. Though a lot of the sites that the site lists are broken, so I doubt I will get much traffic from it. You can see the link below my archives list. So, my point to this entry? I really doubt anyone besides my man is reading this, but if anyone else happens too and knows of any good links to blog alliances or whatever they are being called these days leave me a link.

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