Thursday, September 23, 2004


Today was the day of driving and it wasn't even in a logical order. I started off driving to Financial Services to pick up my pay check. Then drove to my department's building to see if I could find a spot with a meter to drop off a video. I couldn't find one so I drove to my friend's apartment to pick up her key since I am taking care of her kitties this weekend. I then realized that I needed to deposit my paycheck while I was out and about so drove to the bank and then went to a groccery store near by that I have been meaning to go to that was a little farther than the others I go too. After that I drove home. At four I'm going to drive back to campus to drop off the video since that is when my permit allows me to park close. Stupid campus parking.

So why am I mad? I'm annoyed at payroll and my department. I don't understand where the problem happened. We had this big departmental meeting about assistantships at the end of august. We had to fill out this huge packet of tax type information. I filled everything out and gave them a void check for my direct deposit. Now fast forward to now. I realize its the middle of the month when I should have gotten paid by now. Nothing. I send a few emails to my department chair and she talks to someone so they make out a check for me that I have to go pick up at financial services which is on the very edge of campus. If I had just picked up my paycheck and had not said anything I would have been screwed. I was like, "So, I'm set from now on right?" She said let me check and of course I'm not. They didn't have my direct deposit form. So I filled that out. I would have asked her if there was any other forms I had to fill out but she started talking to one of her friends on the phone. I should have stayed and waited, but I didn't. Stupid me. While driving home I realized that if they did not have my direct deposit form then they of course probably did not have any of the other tax forms I filled out such as w-4's and such. I called them back and of course they don't have anything. GAAAAAAAAAAH! What is wrong with these people. Why did other people's forms get turned in and mine got lost??? I don't like the fact that my tax paperwork and a void check of mine could be anywhere. Thankfully, they have the paperwork on the web and I can just mail it into them instead of having to drive back up there. But gah!! Before I print any of it out and fill it out again I emailed my department chair and told her what was going on. Maybe she can track down my paperwork or the lady who screwed it all up so I don't have to fill them out again. *grumbles* How hard is it to turn in some forms with everyone elses?


Jeff the Baptist said...

I sorry my amy. Crap like this happens but it always sucks when it happens to you. If it makes you feel better getting my phone turned on was a massive chore.

stacy said...

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