Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Its probably just me and my weirdness, but I really enjoy the new HP digital photography commercials with the catchy song and the people taking pictures of the things around them by just pinching the air and holding a picture to themselves. My favorite one is the one with the guy sitting at his desk just putting the pictures around his neck and doing the little dance. LOL don't ask me why I enjoy them, I just do. I guess it's like how my man likes those Hardees commercials with the woman on the bull. Though I don't lust after the people in the HP commercial, I just think its a cool commercial.

ANYWAYS - Its 12:39am and I can't fall asleep. I tried going to bed but couldn't fall asleep. Maybe its the chocolate I had before bed. Sheesh I used to be able to drink diet cokes before bed an not have them affect me at all. Darn getting old.

It's alright about messing up the shirt that I like. You can still wear it around when we are just hanging around. No need to throw away a good shirt. Do you remember where you got them though? You should definitley invest in a few more ;) Since you were cleaning your apartment you probably didn't get to see Father of the Pride and Scrubs. That is too bad, because they were both really good espisodes. I have to say I was wrong about Father of the Pride, I thought it would get cancelled after a few weeks. Now I'm recommeding it to people.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I get to sleep in which is nice, but then I have a lot of stuff crammed into the afternoon. I have a meeting and then I need to get some stuff at the library. After that I'm going to go home, fix up the last bit of data, burn it to a disk, bring it to my advisor along with the books, an then go to a GSAC meeting. Hopefully I'll be able to fit dinner in there somewhere.

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