Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice day

Well we definitely had some interesting weather yesterday into this morning. We got about an inch or two of snow and then about an inch of ice on top of that. I hate ice. I'm always afraid I'll fall or get in an accident. Because of this I decided to call out from work today. I wasn't just being wimpy though. All the schools were closed, there was a sheet of ice on my car and we actually lost power for a couple hours in the morning. That was not fun. It took an hour of chipping away at the ice to finally get my car free. I'm really glad I got that done today so when I do go to work tomorrow I won't have to deal with all of that plus whatever refreezes tonight. I wonder if things will be closed again tomorrow. I also wonder how many kids showed up last night and tonight. I hope my drive in tomorrow is not icy.

My ice day was a pretty lazy day besides the hour I took to dig my car out. I was very proud of myself that I cleared it off all on my own. Besides my car I played a lot of my online game, watched dumb stuff on tv, and snuggled with Milo a lot. Only two more nights and Jeff is back :D

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