Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl came and went so quickly. I was rooting for the Bears :( Oh well. Jeff and I had a quiet night eating junk food. Just what the night should be like. My favorite part of the game was the pre-game show. I really liked the two marching bands dressed up as the two teams. Yes, I'm a big band geek. The whole Cirque du Soleil part was neat too. Overall, I was disappointed in the commercials. There were some that were funny, but not amazing. I would have to say that my favorite one was the Budweiser ad with the crabs. That was pretty cute. The lions one with the doritos wasn't bad either. The one ad with the robot who put screws in cars and then lost his job made me really sad. That wasn't a funny commercial, but it was a good one. In the end I fell asleep before the game was over. Busy weekend mixed with a boring Super Bowl. I hope next years is more exciting. Or at least has the Redskins in it :D

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