Sunday, October 10, 2004

Getting everything done

Right now I am in the cram phase. No, I don't have an important exam coming up. It is almost fall break. I haven't decided when I'm heading home, either wednesday afternoon or thursday morning. Either way I have to finish a few things before I am able to go home and not feel guilty about it. Right now the two things I'm working on are the literature review for my thesis which is finally starting to come together and a paper I'm writing for one of my independent studies. I worked on the paper a lot yesterday so a good chunk of it is done. Now I just need to write the introduction and the conclusion and fix a few spots in the middle. I have a meeting for my lit review on tuesday and I'm supposed to turn in the paper before I leave for fall break. So I'm basically trying to squeeze it all in. I know I'll get it done, things always get done one way or another, but bleh.

I'm looking forward to fall break for the chance to go back home for a bit and for the chance to see my man. I haven't been back since I moved here at the end of August. I'm also looking forward to seeing my man's new apartment. I'm glad that we will have a chance to see each other this month because my november is crazy and I don't expect him to come see me on Thanksgiving when he should be spending time with his family. So after this the next time I might see him may be sometime in december.

I'm feeling a lot better about all the religious things my man and I have been talking about. I don't want to freak him out by talking about it all the time but it makes me feel better that things are settled a lot more than they were. Now all we have to do is actually get engaged. LOL I am not pressuring you don't worry.

Last night I ordered a pizza from Papa Johns for my treat. I am trying to be good an stay on my low carb diet, but I allow myself one treat a week to eat whatever I want. I decided on Papa John's because in recent months I have had Pizza Hut and Dominos so I wanted to see how Papa John's rated since I haven't had their pizza in sooo long. I called them up and accidentally picked the wrong location. The woman on the phone was really nice though. I then called the correct location and I couldnt even get through. The phone kept disconnecting. I finally got someone after three calls to them and the guy was a complete dolt. He mumbled, he seemed confused, and he wasn't very helpful. I gave him my phone number and he had a different name attached to it. I told him that wasn't me and he had the hardest time understanding that and trying to change it. Personally, I don't see why he had to change it. I asked for red onions to be put on my pizza. He said we don't have red onions. So I was like do you have any onions? He was like uh...yea. So I was like fine put the regular onions on the pizza. They also had a promotion going where you could get a free dvd with your pizza. *Grins* Part of the reason I ordered from Papa Johns is because of that free dvd deal. I asked if they were still running it and he said yes and which one did I want. I didn't realize I could pick which one I wanted so I asked what they had. He sighed and quickly mumbled his way through the list. I could barely understand half of them. I wasn sick of dealing with him so I just picked the one that I heard first that I thought sounded interesting - the first season of Rocky and Bullwinkle LOL. Then after he had my order he said, "Ok it will be there in one to two hours." I was like what??? He was like "oh, I mean 45 minutes." That's much better, sheesh. The pizza didn't even taste that different compared to the other places I have ordered from. I don't think I will be ordering from them for a while.

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