Monday, October 04, 2004

Interfaith relationships/marriages

This weekend I have thought a lot about interfaith relationships and marriages. It started out with me just looking for a webring or a blog alliance to join. However, with each site I went too I kept finding links to other sites that I wanted to read. There is a lot out there too, from sites that just discuss interfaith relationships and their issues, to lists of rabbis and temples that will marry interfaith couples and even sample wedding ceremonies. Thankfully my man came online while I was in the middle of looking at everything so we got to talk about it for a while. We agreed that while it may be tough we both want to teach our hypothetical children about both religions and let them choose when they are old enough. One thing that really irks me is when people think that children are doomed for life or will be messed up and confussed if they are brought up with parents in an interfaith marriage. I will be trying my hardest to make sure that this does not happen. The only thing that my man and I had trouble figuring out is the sunday school issue. How are you supposed to take your child to sunday school and have them go to church services on a sunday if they are at the same time? Many synagogues say they accept interfaith marriages yet they don't help them in that respect.

So because my man and I have gone around many times on many of these issues I decided to order some books on amazon. The first book I bought is "The Intefaith Family Guidebook: Practical Advice for Jewish and Christian Partners." You can read about the book on amazon if you would like. It discusses issues that may come up in an interfaith marriage and discusses how to raise children in an interfaith marriage which is what I'm looking to learn about. The second book I always said I wouldn't buy till my man proposed, but I figured since I was already ordering the other book I might as well order this one too. So I ordered "Celebrating Interfaith Marriages: Creating your Jewish/Christian Ceremony." In the reviews it said that it had many ideas on what to include and had parts that you could pick and choose to include to make it truely your wedding. So hopefully these books will give me some new outlooks on things, spur some good discussions between my man and I, and help us to continue to grow and be happy.

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