Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pit stop at home

Well I made it home. I worked on campus yesterday morning, got soaked trying to get to my car and then drove 4 and a half hours to make it home. Went out to dinner with my parents last night and am going to go shopping with my mom today. It's also nice to be able to do your laundry for free :) Tomorrow I'm getting in the car again and will be driving to see Jeff and his new apartment for the weekend , woo hoo :)

On this computer my blog background looks more flourescent than it normally does on my laptop. Is the background color really that bad? Oh an Jeff, how soon were you wanting to add that little addition into the family? After we have our own place together Im thinking. Not sure how else you could swing it.

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Jeff the Baptist said...

Yeah I suppose it would have to wait until we have our own place. So that means after we get married I guess. Neither one of us have time right now.

Yes the background color is a bit on the fluorescent side. Its not easy being green. :)