Thursday, October 14, 2004

New template

I found a cool site that had a huge amount of blogger layouts that were pretty cool. However, its really hard to search for a cool one if you aren't really sure what your looking for. Its a lot easier if you have a term you are going to search for. There are just so many on that site. I found a few I really liked, but for now I chose this one. I think the main image is really cute although it is a bit busy an loud. I really like that it has a sidebar and different sections for the links and such. I also like how the posts are divided and set up. The only thing I would change would to be to tame down the main image a little. Im going to leave it up for now but I might change it. I'm going to sleep on it for a day or so or maybe ask Jeff what he thinks. I really like it, but the main image is pretty busy as I've said already a few times. The other two layouts I was trying to choose from are here and here. What do you think? Im sure there are others on the site that I would really like too, but it's just too tiring searching through them all. They really should change the layout of the search function. They should cut down the size of each category and maybe have a little sample image of each one so you don't have to click on two different links just to see what it looks like.