Wednesday, October 20, 2004

An Ode to my flip flops

So I am back on campus. Back to work. I had a great weekend with Jeff and a good time with my parents. I was not ready to come back.

Today I got back into my data entry. That went fine. Afterwards I was walking away from my building to the bus stop and I tripped. I figured it was because I hadn't stepped high enough so I scuffed my foot or I had stepped on something. Nope. The part of my flip flop that connects to the part that goes in the middle of my toe (aren't I so techinical?) broke apart. I had noticed that this was starting to happen, but I ignored it because these are my favorite flip flops and I have had them for years. Though I did realize it was going to happen sooner or later. An to think I changed my mind from wearing tennis shoes today. Guess it would have still happened anyways just a different day. Luckily while overcast it wasn't raining or anything. I took both of my flip flops off and walked back to my building and into the departmental office. I explained my problem and the departmental secretary helped me tape my foot to my flip flop with clear packing tape so that I could make it to the bus stop an then back to my car. And it worked. I am now home safely, although a bit sad. I have a few other pairs of flip flops but they aren't as comfortable and don't match as many outfits as these did. Oh well. My poor flip flops. At least its starting to get cold and out of the flip flop wearing season.

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