Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Credits +1

Today was better than yesterday, but I'm still not sure how my thesis is going to work out next week. I got up around 9am after sleeping in which was wonderful. I did have another funky dream though. I finished the document I had been working on and read a few things for my online class. Then it was off to my play therapy class.

The class is pretty cool. The teacher seems really nice and so do the people in my class. Its weird not knowing anyone though when everyone else seems to know each other. Im sure that will change soon enough. One mega cool thing was that they are going to change the class from 2 credits to 3, which means I can drop the one credit independent study research course I had signed up for. Kick ass! I don't need any more classes, I'm very happy to be able to drop it. For an ice breaker we all got huge sheets of paper and then we had to pair up. One person would lie down on the paper while their partner would trace their outline. I'm sure you've done this before. Anyways, after that we got to color it in any way we wanted and then we had to create a time line of our life somewhere in it or on our outline. After that we taped them all around the room and we had to explain them to the class. So far the class sounds pretty cool. I like play therapy as a tool and how it works, but I don't think I would be able to do it for a living. Play therapy is all about getting to the emotions that people have trouble expressing. While that is good I like to work on more of the developmental side rather than the feelings side. Less pathology. Still a cool class though.

After class I worked on my online class more and met with my advisor to figure out how to fix my thesis. I need to find a way to make sure the cameras capture the whole area. I may use a tripod if I can get the department to let me use one. Or I may just say screw it all and find a way to do it with no videos and just do it all with observational research. I would love to do it that way. Doing it that way would mean I wouldn't have to deal with any coders and I wouldn't have to sit through ten hours of video tape. So I just have to figure out how in the heck to do that. I should really go to bed now since Im planning on getting up at 7am again tomorrow, but maybe Ill read a little more about observational research. Yea, I know big fun.

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