Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dr. Ruth and PBS

While getting stuff done around my apartment today I left the tv on PBS since I don't like to watch soap operas and I don't feel like watching the news. At this time of the day everything on PBS is kid's programming. I was watching Between the Lions and while passing by the tv I heard Dr. Ruth's name and the character's talking to her. I was like huh? Is that the same Dr. Ruth I have heard of that is a sex therapist or whatever she does? I quickly went to the screen and yup, it was her. She was part of the show talking to the lions. I wasn't watching that closely so I can't say for sure what they were doing, but I find that weird. Why is Dr. Ruth on a children's show?

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Jeff the Baptist said...

Zo little boys and girls, vee are her to talk about your penises and vaginas...

On the other hand Dr. Ruth is probably somebodies grandmother by now so she probably doesn't just talk about sex all the time. Imagine her husband. Ruth Dear, do you have to talk about sex all the time? I mean is that all your interested in? :)