Sunday, January 02, 2005

Going back to reality

Tonight is the last night we have here in sunny florida. I am not ready to go back into reality when I have to worry about deadlines and such. January will be a busy month for me with collecting and coding all of my data for my thesis, but as everything, it will get done.

I had a really good visit here. I love the warm weather and hate the cold. I got a new pair of flip flops to replace the ones that I broke this past fall too. I got to show Jeff all of the fun things to do in florida such as the boat ride to look at aligators, the special needs birds, and my favorite restaurant here. It was also nice to be able to spend that much time with him in one visit.

One of the more exciting things happened tonight actually. We went to see National Treasure in the afternoon, which Jeff will post that he didn't think was too bad. Hah, told you so :) After that we went to a restaurant for dinner which was pretty yummy. Around dessert time the topic turned to future plans and such and Jeff mentioned that his parents said I could live with them if I needed somewhere to stay before I had housing. Then my mother started asking questions about if we were official or not. *side note* Jeff had bought me a really pretty cubic zerconia (sp?) ring that looks like a real engagement ring that I have been wearing on my left hand. If anyone back at school asks me about it I will tell them that its the ring before the real one. I think that also prompted my mother. She wanted to know if we were offical. I said not really yet cause he hadn't asked for real an he hadn't asked my dad yet so right there in the middle of the restaurant Jeff told me to go get some food an then asked my dad. My mother and I of course got all emotional an such in the middle of the restaurant. I'm sure people thought we were nuts. Thats ok though. My grandma was caught mid mouthful an was totally shocked. She was like "I had no idea that was coming then and I was in the middle of eating ice cream!" So we are that much closer to becoming really official. Good job jeffy.

So off to the cold we go tomorrow. We will be dropping Jeff off at the closer airport tomorrow around noon an then I fly out around dinner time. I hope this new year is a great one. Its turning out to be so far.

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