Monday, January 10, 2005

I don't like getting up early

I am really not a morning person. I prefer to sleep in. Yet today I made myself get up at 7am (yuck!) so that I would be ready and on campus by 8:30am. Today I decided to go to campus that early to practice using the cameras in the classroom and videotaping everything for my thesis data collection that starts next week. Boy am I glad I did that. Why? Because everything went wrong. I taped for an hour using two video cameras with two different vcrs. I got some great shots on the first camera. On the second one I realized it wouldn't go where I wanted too. So we will have to figure that out. Then later when I went to watch the tape I made this morning the great video I had wasn't there. The first vcr only recorded audio. Gah! Then the camera that barely showed the area I wanted recorded all video and no audio. I was not happy. At least I figured it out now and they can see if they can fix it by the time I really start next week. Hopefully it will be fixed by then. *fingers crossed*

I'm not going to try getting up early again till wednesday. Have to give them a chance to fix things. Plus I have to recover from getting up at 7am. By 2pm I was getting really tired. I know that many people get up every day at that time. However, I don't. Im a grad student and sleeping in is one of my favorite things :)


Jeff the Baptist said...

I get up at 7am for work everyday. Perhaps my snuggle bunny should just avoid playing Fairyland until 2am. ;)

AmyBear said...


#1. You get up at that time every day and are used to it so it does not affect you as much.

#2. I went to bed at 12ish. I did not stay up till 2am playing fairyland.