Tuesday, January 04, 2005

To go or not to go

I like vacations and like anyone else I am not ready to go back. Classes start on friday, but I don't have anything until the next tuesday class wise. However, I do need to get back into town to get things ready for my thesis before the semester starts. So I have to go in earlier. I was thinking leaving today or tomorrow. All through our trip home (which we did not get in till around 9pmish, bleh) I was trying to decide if I was going to leave today or tomorrow. I emailed my advisor last night when I got in to see when she would be able to meet. She did email back quickly (thank goodness, I love people who email you back so quick) and said she couldn't meet till thursday at the earliest. Which means I can drive home tomorrow. Woot. I could techinically drive home today, but I just woke up and I don't have any of my winter stuff packed so that gives me some time to repack, go to the bank and do other things to get ready to go. The only crappy thing about leaving tomorrow is that its supposed to be raining as I leave. They said yesterday on the weather that it was supposed to rain today not tomorrow. I checked the weather back at school and its not supposed to rain so hopefully it will only rain for a small amount of time as I leave my home town. I love the weather back home too, 70s an high 60s! Yea for the south! Ok, so I guess I should get off the net now an be productive. Maybe Ill even have some time to do some thesis work that I of course did not do over vacation. Heh, knowing me probably not ;)

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