Saturday, January 08, 2005

Goodbye Boomhower?

I came back to town over vacation thinking my area of the aparment complex seemed very empty. I figured it was just because I was back from vacation a little early and not everyone was back yet. Its a little bit fuller now with cars, but I have noticed one thing. I think Boomhower is gone. Who is Boomhower? Let me explain. I live on the top level of a two story apartment complex. There are four apartments on my level. There are two apartments at the far end and then there is my apartment and one directly next to my door. That is Boomhower's apartment. He always seemed nice enough. He wasn't always in his apartment, but when he was you could tell. When he was home he was loud. I think part of that is that my apartment walls are pretty thin. My next door neighbor can hear when my alarm goes off in the morning. But anyways, he was always playing music or something. He also always had people coming in and out of his place. People coming up the stairs and down the stairs, talking right infront of my apartment. He and his friends would also occasionally smoke infront of my apartment, which I really hated. All of these reasons combined are the reason why I have stopped opening my front windows.

Anyways, back to the present. Why do I think he's gone? Well I noticed his floor mat is gone. Also he had written on his door the initials of an emo band he is really into. That has been scrubbed off the door. So I don't know for sure, but I think he may be really gone. This thought makes me happy. I will have to talk to my other neighbor on the other side next time I see him. He seems to know all the gossip about everyone in our little part of the complex. Who knows, maybe someone cool will move in next door or even better maybe the apartment will stay vacant for the rest of the semester an Ill have some peace an quiet.

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