Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Animal Crossing City Folk

For Christmas I received Animal Crossing City Folk for the wii. I had been playing Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS and enjoyed the game. The main premise is to decorate your house with different themes of furniture, and to collect/sell/fill the museum with fish, sea shells, fossils, bugs, and paintings. I was excited to try it out on the wii. After playing the game for a few months I feel like I am able to write a review on the wii version.

In the Nintendo DS version you are able to have a house with five rooms. One main room, one back room, two on the left and right, and one on the second floor. In the wii version you only get three rooms. There are too many furniture options to only have three rooms. In the DS version it is easy to get rare fruit when in the wii version if you don't visit a different player's towns it's really hard to get them. I still haven't found a piece of rare fruit. In the DS version after being friendly with a character they will give you their picture which gives you extra points on your house score. I don't think this feature is available in the wii version which sucks. Another annoying thing is the letter writing. It is horrible to have to write letters to the players with the wii mote. We invested in a usb keyboard, which makes letter writing much more bearable.

What are the good things about the wii version? It is easier to get money in the game for one. That is a good thing. I also like being able to see all of the furniture options on the big screen. In addition, the wii version has some new special holidays that are fun to take part in. The wii version also lets each character have their own house, which is good if you have more than one person playing the same game. In the DS version Jeff would have had to share my house with me and we would have to split up the rooms. In the wii version he can decorate his own house however he wants.

Overall, I like the Nintendo DS version better.

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