Friday, February 20, 2009

Starbucks Oatmeal

A couple of co-workers today decided to go on a Starbucks run in the middle of the day. I overheard their plans and went online to the Starbucks website to see if I wanted anything since I don't drink coffee and I knew they would ask if I wanted anything. I came across their new "Perfect Oatmeal". I had read on one of my many food blogs that their oatmeal was ok so I decided to try some. I got their brown sugar oatmeal.

The oatmeal itself was ok. They don't make it from scratch. I hear they make it out of packets like many do at home and then heat it up. It was kinda bland and needed more flavor. It was also a little watery, yet still kinda thick. I liked the thickness, but it didn't impress me that much. I can make oatmeal at home that doesn't cost anything and I can put whatever I want in it.

The thing that really bugged me though was their website. I was trying to look at the ingredients in the oatmeal and trying to find out if they make it with milk. To actually look at the nutrition information for the foods on the menu you have to put in your zip code which I think is dumb. Then the site decided not to work and kept giving me errors. After playing with it a while I finally got it to work and tried a few Starbucks in Delaware. All the sites said no nutrition information available. So I tried in different states to see if only Delaware sites didn't have information. Nope. Every Starbucks site that I tried had no nutritional information listed. On their site they do say you can substitute soy milk for regular in their coffees, but they didn't specify what they normally make their oatmeal with. Very annoying. So instead I googled Starbucks and oatmeal and nutrition information. I found the amount of calories, but I couldn't tell if it had milk in it. I did find some other blogs talking about it, but nothing concrete.

My stomach did fine with the oatmeal so I'm thinking that they use water in their oatmeal instead of milk. I also googled it again with different terms and found two different articles mentioning that they use hot water in their oatmeal. I'm glad to hear that even though their oatmeal wasn't the best. If I'm in a pinch I would definitely try it again.

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