Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recipes floating in my head

A lot of the time I will get an idea for a recipe by watching a commercial on tv, reading something on the internet, or by a meal in a restaurant. Lately, I have a few recipe ideas floating in my head that I have been meaning to try. A lot of them have been in my head for a while. I thought if I put them down in writing that maybe I would actually make them.

One recipe that I would like to try is home made chicken noodle soup with home made stock. I found a great recipe on Macheesmo's site. I visit his site regularly. His recipe uses a whole chicken and looks great. Can't wait to try it. I also recently found some great Asian noodles that are sorta ramen like that I mixed with shrimp and a little soy sauce. I would love to find an Asian broth and make my own pho bowl.

The other two recipes I would like to try are on an Italian theme. I would first like to try to make low acid tomato sauce. Tomatoes are acidy and bother my stomach, but yet I've been craving some baked ziti recently. I hear that you can add baking soda to tomato sauce to make it less acidy so I would like to try it. The other Italian thing on my mind is ravioli. Most ravioli you can get has cheese in it. Again I can't eat regular cheese, but I bet I could make ravioli from scratch and it would be even yummier. I'm sure the filling won't be too hard. I just have to figure out the dough. I'm not sure if I can buy ready made dough somewhere or if I have to make it from scratch which I could probably figure out how to do. I may need to buy a rolling pin first though lol.

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Unix-Jedi said...

(followed you over from your comment at TSM).

That's not a bad recipe for making chicken stock.

But you need either to cut up the chicken or use a much bigger pot. There's a reason those tall ones are called "Stock pots". (And they're cheap.)

I also wrap my veggies in cheesecloth and tie that off - then they're easy to pull out when done.

You'll want to skim off the foam that will rise (proteins from the chicken) using a small wire strainer from time to time, and I'd keep it at a hard simmer, not a full boil. A secret I picked up: use one of those expanding steamer baskets, on top, to keep everything submerged, and it makes skimming much easier.
(If you've got a pressure cooker, you can do this in under an hour, total, easily.)

What I tend to do is as I eat chicken and have bones left over is to toss them into a ziptop freezer bag and into the freezer. Then when I've got a potful, stock time. (I also do this with beef bones for beef stock.) Also see if your local stores have chicken backs from their cut-up chicken - you can get a package of them here for like .29/lb - and they make *great* stock.

And yes, making it yourself is outstandingly better.

Pasta dough is easy, but you *really* will need at *least* a rolling pin. :)

Egg, flour, salt, and some water. Roll and cut. :) A pasta maker will make it much easier, but a rolling pin will work fine.

Do you ever watch "Good Eats" on FoodTV?