Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colorful Turkey Hamburger Rice

I tried a new recipe I found online for dinner tonight. I was excited to try it because it sounded yummy. I found the recipe at Heather Van Vourous's site on the recipe board posted by Missy.

It started off a little rough because I didn't read the directions carefully. I put the uncooked turkey in the pan when it should have been cooked first. That was easily fixed though and all went fine. I excluded a few ingredients though. I didn't add onion and celery because they bug me and I didn't include green beans and peas because Jeff doesn't like them. That would have been a full pan if I had added all of those things. My pan was stuffed as it was. I also substituted couscous for rice because we didn't have any real rice around.

In the end, it came out pretty well. It was all mixed together in the pan and looked kind of like a stuffing. Jeff did not like how it looked and that it was all mixed together. He tried it and said it tasted fine but didn't like how it looked. I didn't mind it and actually really enjoyed it. I'm going to bring the leftovers for lunches this week. Should be yummy and filling, which is just what I need in the middle of a work day.

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