Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Private Practice

I just got done watching the last episode of the three episode arch where Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice crossover. I have watched Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. I watched it before it was popular. I was hooked from the very first episode. So when Private Practice spun off of it I gave it a chance. However, I didn't like it and stopped watching it. Recently, I have watched Private Practice for the last three weeks because of the cross over event and it has reminded me why I don't like this show. It is too over the top. Grey's Anatomy I know is dramatic and everyone is sleeping with each other and it's not anything like real life. I know this. However, it seems like in Private Practice they try to go beyond that. Each episode is like an after school special that is on steroids. From having to decide to surgically make a baby male or female to violence in high schools to parents leaving their children to making a dying teen pregnant so that she can have her wish of being a mom come true before she dies. It's crazy. I am glad this arch is over so I can go back to not watching Private Practice anymore.

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