Sunday, March 08, 2009

Alphabet Survey

Here is a fun survey I found on the internet.

- Age: 29, 30 in May (eeks!)
- Annoyance: Mean people
- Animal: My kitty Milo

- Beer: I don't drink
- Birthday: May 5
- Best Friends: Jeff
- Best feeling in the world: Being happy and contented
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf
- Best weather: Spring, probably around 70-80
- Been in Love: Yes
- Been on stage?: Yes. I have been in band and chorus all through school. That counts right?
- Believe in Santa: I'm Jewish.

- Candy: I love snickers, m&m's, caramel squares,cadburry creme eggs, and the rolos I had at work the other day were really good
- Color: Purple, green, cranberry
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Chinese! I have it every saturday
- Cake or pie: CAKE!
- Continent to visit: I would love to go visit Asia. I want to go to Japan.
- Cheese: I love cheese, but it doesn't love me. When I do eat it I like american and cheddar

- Day or Night: I'm not sure. I like being up in the morning to get lots of stuff done, but I love sleeping in. Probably day. When I work I can't stay up very late at all.
- Dancing in the rain: I'm a horrible dancer

- Eyes: Greenish I think they are hazel
- Everyone's got: Their own opinion
- Ever failed a class?: No, but I did get a D in Math in high school on an interim report

- First thoughts waking up: What time is it?
- Food: I love to learn about/cook different kinds of food. I'm a bit of a wannabe foodie

- Greatest Fear(s): certain types of doctors, pain
- Goals: To have kids in the near future, to find my calling in life, to enjoy my free time more
- Gum: I don't really chew much gum, but when I do I like juicy fruit and the sugarless ones. There used to be a good kind that was rectangular shaped with one flavor on the outside and one on the inside, I can't remember the name though.
- Get along with your parents?: For the most part yes :)

- Hair Color: Golden brown
- Height: 5'2"
- Holiday: Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Cinco de Mayo (my birthday :))
- How do you want to die: Peacefully when I'm old

- Ice Cream: Rocky Road. Though there are some good soy ice creams out there. I like the toffuti's mint chocolate chip
- Instrument: Clarinet. I've played the b flat, contra alto, and bass

- Jewelry: I only wear a little. I wear my wedding and engagement ring on my left hand, my "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine" ring in hebrew on my right hand, hamsa bracelet on my left, watch on my right, and a necklace. However, I am starting to get into cheap cute chunky jewelry
- Job: Intern who works in research/statistics

- Kids: None at the moment, but I would like two
- Kickboxing or karate: I've wanted to try kickboxing, but I hear it's not good to try if you are totally out of shape.
- Keep a journal?: Yes

- Love: Jeff
- Letter: J
- Laughed so hard you cried: I did at work on thursday

- Milk flavor: I don't drink milk, never really did even when I could. But I love chocolate so I will say chocolate
- Movies: My favorites are Contact, Moulin Rouge, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original)
- McD’s or BK: McD's

- Number: 5

- One wish: I'd like to enjoy myself in whatever I'm doing and not worrying about other people or being bored

- Pepsi/Coke: Diet Coke. However, if I have to drink pepsi I like real pepsi. Diet pepsi tastes weird
- Perfect Pizza: I used to say pepperoni pizza with bacon and onions. Now I make a soy cheese pizza on bobboli with grilled chicken.
- Piercings: 1 in each ear

- Quail: I think I've eaten it once.

- Reason to cry: ASPCA commercials w/ Sarah McLachlan, when anyone gets married or gives birth on tv (lol, yes I'm a sap)
- Reality T.V.: I will watch certain shows, but some of it is too over the top for me.
- Radiostation: WMMR, 106.5, WJFK
- Roll your tongue in a circle: I can't :(
- Ring size: 5

- Song: I have a lot of favorite musicians, but I can never remember the names of their songs.
- Shoe size: Depending on the shoe and the socks I'm wearing anywhere between 7-8
- Salad Dressing: Ranch on the side
- Skinny dipped?: Yup
- In the shower?: What is this question asking? Aren't you always naked in the shower?
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries
- State: VA, DE

- Tattoos?: None, I have such a low tolerance of pain
- Time for bed: Usually about 10-10:30pm on week days and 11ish on weekends
- Thunderstorms: Very cool

- Unpredictable: Usually not. I like to plan things in advance :)

- Vacation spot(s): Outer Banks, Florida

- Weakness: Lack of confidence, anxiety, caring what other people think, shyness
- Worst feeling: Getting into a big fight, being in work I hate
- Wanted to be a model: Nope, could never make it as a model
-Worst Weather?: I hate it when it's really hot and when it's really cold. Though I do like snow

- X-Ray: I haven't had one in a really long time.

-Year it is now: '09
-Yellow: I wore a yellow v-neck fleece to work yesterday because it made me feel springy

-Zoo animal?: When I was a kid I wrote a story about wanting to be a hyiena because they laugh all the time.

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