Thursday, March 05, 2009


Twitter is gaining in popularity these days. I hear about people twittering everywhere. I even heard our local news anchor talking about how he twitters and asked Sam Champion from Good Morning America to be his friend on facebook and asking if he twittered. That made me laugh.

I don't have a real cell phone that I use. I have a pre-paid phone. I basically pay $100 a year for service and use it when I'm not at home or for emergencies. However, twittering is making me want to get a real phone where I could join in. I doubt that I would ever buy a phone just to twitter, and I don't have enough people I actually talk to, but it would be fun to join in. Though I'm not sure if anyone would even care what I had to say.

Recently, I have found myself reading twittering from authors of my favorite websites and even from celebrities. I have found that Matthew McConaughey twitters as does Soleil Moon Frye. It's just fun to read. I guess that goes along with my hobby of keeping up with celebrity gossip.

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