Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloggers like me

I love food blogs. I have a huge list of foodie type blogs that I read on all sorts of topics. However, many of the yummy things I read about I can't actually eat, because of the various things that bug my stomach. Recently when reading one of my favorite sites I found a post about Sloane Miller and her site. On her site she is known as Allergic Girl. Her postings are all about eating out and enjoying eating out even when she is allergic to a lot of different foods. This really resonated with me. I enjoy food, but have been eating out a lot less and avoiding a lot of different foods when I started having stomach issues about a year ago. Now that I know the cause - ibs and gerd - and what I can and can't eat, I have started eating out a bit more again.

It's just nice to find others out there who are in the same boat even though we may be allergic or bothered by different foods. I'm happy to find her. I also found the Food Allergy Queen through Allergic Girl's blog list. I can't wait to read more of their posts and find others out there who are going through similar things. Yea for the internet :)

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