Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Domo

Today I happened to be in our local Target. Target is a great store and has all sorts of cool things. One section of the store I always check out is the seasonal section. Last Halloween I found that they had some really cute Halloween Domo, which is where I got my pumpkin and devil domos. Ever since I found my Halloween Domos, I always go back to that section of the store to see if they have any new ones.

Today they had all their Easter stuff out. I noticed they had some Hello Kitty stuff, but after looking a bit I found they had two Easter Domo's out! I picked out a stuffed domo dressed as a little chick and a domo with bunny ears. So cute. These two plus a pink domo a friend of mine got for me brings my total to nine stuffed domos ;) My collection is really starting to get big.

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